Hello bees! I've been avidly following this site since I found out I was pregnant with my LO, but this is my first time actually reaching out and seeking the collective infinite wisdom of the hive.

My son is a happy, active nearly 18-month-old boy. So happy and active that he has decided that he's ready to start his day early... too early. Like between 4 and 5 am early.

He wakes up happy and mostly just chats to himself and roams around his crib. We give him until 6 am before getting him, but in that time he almost never falls back asleep. We have no problems with other aspects of his sleep: He falls asleep on his own at 7 pm without issue and takes one twoish hour nap at 1 pm every day, also without any protest.

We feel like we've tried everything - putting him to bed later, putting him to bed earlier, regular checks in ten-minute intervals, wake-to-sleep, just plain ignoring him.... Nothing seems to have worked. And with daylight savings ending on Sunday, we're worried it's only going to get worse.

Help, bees! We're so tired and our daycare provider is sick of dealing with a cranky overtired toddler.