Ok, so I am going to be completely honest here, I have ZERO experience with living in a neighborhood as a kid, so I have ZERO experience with what is proper and ok and what's not.

We just moved into a new construction neighborhood 4 weeks ago. We are still unpacking and getting stuff set up (part of my aversion to inviting kids in right now).. anywhooo my DD is very outgoing and she has met a friend and I need help to know what is ok and what is not. DD is 5 and this is our first neighborhood friend......

Is it ok to go over immediately? Meaning if you see them come home/pull in is it ok to go right over?

Is it ok to just send your kid over? Or does the adult need to go as well?

If we are out walking (me and kids) and as we walk by they are out and DD wishes to stay and play is that ok? Do I need to stand there too with DS and watch or is it ok for me to allow DD to play as I walk back home, 7 houses away, and start dinner?

If it's ok to leave DD there playing how long is it ok? Do I need to walk back to get her?

The sidewalks are not done yet so I am a little wary of them running/walking/riding in the road. I have told DD to stay to the side and she knows but I am a nervous nelly and I worry.... do I just have to get over it? Last night they went back and forth from our house to theirs at least 3 times.. I am just sooo worried but I also really can't just sit out front all night watching...??

What is the protocol about going into the others house? DD asked if she could take her friend upstairs to show her her bedroom, I said no because I don't want DD going into their home.. but is this ok? Should I be ok with her inviting her friends in and ok with DD going into their home? Mind you we don't really know each other yet... literally met 2 days ago.. I suppose as time goes on some of these things will work themselves out but for now I am confused and unsure

Please walk me through this.

I am really happy DD will have kids to play with, I just need to know what's ok and what's not. Also any other nervous nelly mom's out there who worry too and how you deal with it? (nervous about the road specifically and nervous about letting DD into someone's home I don't really know)