Trying to find the humor in our crazy situation...I'm sure the coming weeks/months are going to have a lot of silly things that happen in our house that would usually remain private become very very public thanks to WFH, remote schooling via Zoom, etc. What outrageous things have happened in your house? Today in ours:

-- Five year old Kindergartener's letter/diagraph of the day was "SH". What do you think the VERY FIRST word she wrote on her "house of SH" worksheet was? Yup, "SH*T". Love it. And she wrote it in crayon, so no erasing, and YES, we have to turn it in. Good thing her teacher is a mom of similarly aged kids and will probably find it humorous!

-- Five year old also could be heard yelling "Can someone PLEASE help me get my BRA OFF?!" on a conference call (she had been wearing a dance bra under her tank top for a dance class she did on Zoom).

-- Three year old video-bombed a Zoom conference with my 7 year old's guidance counselor having just covered her face with stamp markers.