I’ll preface to say that we had a bad experience similar to the situation below with home daycare in the past, so I’m looking for outside perspective to make sure I’m not overthinking...

We are looking at home daycare for DS2 starting when he turns 12 months old. We interviewed a woman near us who seemed very nice but not spectacular. I didn’t have a gut intuition that she was the one. She mentioned she meets up with another daycare provider regularly and all the kids play, go to the park, etc. We left the interview saying we would let her know if we want the spot and we’ve continued searching. .

DW found another provider who sounds awesome but we are pretty sure it’s the first woman’s friend who she meets up with regularly. Would you interview her as well knowing that if we liked her better and chose her, the other provider would find out?

I want to say, whatever, we need to find the best fit for our family even if they all know each other! But it feels like a potentially awkward situation could arise because the chance of us seeing her again and the 2 providers knowing what happened is very likely. They both also live quite close to our home so we could run into either of them anytime. There are not a ton of providers around here that have spaces so we feel we need to basically interview any and all potentials.

I have a feeling I know what everyone’s going to say 😜