Well, we have slowly been moving ahead with the foster to adopt process. We aren't close yet, but we have our initial home inspection on Tuesday afternoon and I'm terrified. I know it's just the initial one, but of course I want things to look decent and I just wish I knew specifically what kinds of things they're concerned about. We live on 3 acres with animals, so making the entire property childproof is a joke. Our fencing isn't perfect (but it keeps the animals in/out) and our property isn't by any means perfectly landscaped. I think it looks fine but it feels like they're just going to come over and judge everything and it's stressing me out. Do any of you have experience with this? Do they check things like the cars? Our cars are the only part of our lives where we are messy, so I guess I should work on cleaning those out today. Our house should be fine, I've been cleaning all week and reorganizing so it doesn't look cluttered or messy. It's all in good shape. It's mainly the property that I'm concerned about. And just having someone walk into our house and tell us if we're fit to have kids here or not. Ugh.