I was taking a break from social media for the last year (well, IG to be specific, as I haven't had FB in a few years) and actually didn't intend to use it again until recently because I wanted to save some of my baby's photos there. (I had used it when my husband and I were dating/engaged/married and wanted to add to our timeline a little I suppose.)

So, now that I have it again and see photos on friends' feeds, I am suddenly jealous/remorseful we didn't take better photos during our time in the hospital. Granted, I looked pretty awful after she was born (I cringe a bit at the candid photos we do have :P) I just know I would've been been more on top of good pictures if I had anticipated sharing some publicly.

Anyone else wish they had better pictures? We have a few from the next day which I like and am thankful for at least