I am supposed to take a mom-cation on friday night.
My plan is to go to a hotel room by myself, to watch TV, read, and soak in the bathtub while eating pizza.
The hotel is in the same town I live in.

This is long overdue, it was supposed to be a birthday present last august (instead my grandfather died) so we postponed it to my half-birthday in Feb, but then my family had the flu.

I am an extreme introvert so I try to take a weekend like this once or twice a year. I am extremely burnt out and in desperate need of some time to recharge.

On top of that, DD's (3) daycare is closing tomorrow, so I will be a SAHM during the day, while doing my full-time commercial lending job remotely after she sleeps; so two full time jobs in one day. I need to recharge before taking on this monumentous task, not to mention just the stress of COVID-19 during daily life over the past week.

So am I crazy to go to a hotel for one night? I won't have contact with anyone, i'm going to bring my own pillow and blanket, and clorox wipes to clean all the surfaces.

DH doesn't want me to, thinks i'm exposing myself needlessly. I'm in ME, we have 33 confirmed cases.