I have a son who will be 5 at the end of June and our cutoff for kindergarten is the middle of August. I have spoken to his preschool teacher, and she thinks sending him to TK instead of kindergarten in the fall would be beneficial for him since he is still struggling with some fine motor skills (like pencil grip) and learning to sit still and pay attention for longer periods of time. I know kindergarten is more demanding than it was when I was in school, but I feel like a good teacher would work with the child and we would do what we can at home to help him succeed as well. My husband is pro redshirting, and we have several friends who are redshirting their kids (mostly sons) who are born around the same time. It seems common in this area, but I'm still concerned about him being the oldest/largest kid in his class and potentially being bored if we wait a year. How did you decide to redshirt? If you did, are you glad you decided to do it? If you didn't, do you wish you had? Also, how do you handle criticism from family/friends? My FIL has been giving us a hard time for even considering it and thinks my son will grow up thinking he's not smart or wondering why he had to go to TK. He doesn't want him to get labeled as unintelligent because of us redshirting him.