I should preface my post by saying I swear I am not insane. My DH and I have three girls under three- pre-#3 I really talked myself up to "this is the last one, get over it" because I need knee surgery pretty badly and another baby could throw a wrench in any post-surgery progress I would (hopefully) make. You would think with 3 under 3 I would be ready to perform my own hysterectomy with a can opener (my husband has suggested a homespun vasectomy once or twice haha), but I'm inherently sad at the prospect of not having a fourth which was our original family plan.

I'm getting Mirena placed fairly soon with the intention of DH getting a vasectomy for his 30th next year (he is pretty at peace with this decision). Moms who are done, how did you know you were done? How did you become okay with it? Is it possible to NEVER feel done even though you need to or should be?

TIA for an thoughts you might have