LOL! So I originally thought and planned to have K sleep in her own room in her own crib from Day One (or at least by Week One). HAHAHAHA #firsttimemomdelusions

I get so worried about her, it's been impossible to even think about her sleeping in her own room! DH will have to go back to work in a week and I thought I would try to transition her by then, but how do you do it? Stare at the monitor all night?
She hates being put down on flat surfaces! For now at one week, she can sleep in the SnugaBunny in the living room and in her UBV bassinet at night. She HATED the bassinet the first night, but I put a snuggler pad in there for cushioning and she has been okay with it for a couple of hours at a time. I know it's probably against SIDS rules or something, but I check on her constantly, and she is a really fidgety baby so if I don't hear or see her move for awhile, I look over at her.

I tried laying her in the crib yesterday and she had a total fit! How did you make the transition to sleeping in her own crib and nursery? Should I move the crib in our room and try that for a few days and then move it into her nursery?