I feel like I've gotten into some bad habits since being home with my 6 month old. Early on when she was feeding so often and I was recovering, I spent a ton of time playing on my phone. Now, I feel like it's just an automatic habit - checking the news, reading HB, looking up things, etc. I don't even have FB but I will randomly check my husband's account just to be nosy! I'd like to spend more time reading or doing other things with my time instead of just reaching for my phone out of boredom/idleness.

I did recently take a part time contracting job so I know that will soon add some other things to my day. I need to spend time reading/planning and getting back into work mode (I am a child therapist) but feel distracted easily by "let me look this/that up" and ending up killing even more time mindlessly browsing the internet.

How do you make better habits when it comes to screen time? Any certain rules you follow for yourself/family? Any apps or other things that you use to help limit your time? (Do those types of things exist?)