We have an upholstered gray headboard that is arched, and 10 foot ceilings, so there seems to be a lot of blank wall on our master bedroom. What looks good on the wall behind an arched headboard? Does anyone that has one want to show me what you did? Also feel free to post Internet images for inspiration.

I should mention I don't want a family/kids photo gallery wall since I'm making one of those in the living room.

I'm seeing 3 trends: one big object in the middle (like a sunburst mirror, but are those pretty much "over"?), a triptych (but should the 3 pieces be in a straight line or also arched to match the line of the headboard?), or nothing at all with 2 large framed pieces of art or mirrors behind each nightstand.

What to do?

Our nightstands are mirrored, if that matters.