Our 10 month old son is very social. He loves to go to daycare and be around the other children of all ages, especially kids in the class above him, who he loves to watch and learn from. He's very curious and *always* on the move and learning and exploring. So, quarantining is starting to get hard.

We have a lot going on at the same time right now: ear infections (he needs tubes but can't get seen right now with everything going on), a developmental leap, separation anxiety, teething, and quarantining with only DH and me. DS has been struggling with wanting to be ON us at all times. If we put him down, he loses it. If we sit on the floor to be closer to him and play, he'll climb on us (or at least he would if we let him. He can sit in our laps but he can't use us as a jungle gym!). Yesterday he dropped something he was holding a few inches away and totally lost it, just sobbing. So, there are a lot of emotions in the house right now!

Some days it feels like we can't be away from him even inches without him starting to fuss and cry. If I successfully distract him, he'll grin and be interested in the new thing until he figures it out, then it's back to fussing. I want to support him emotionally without coddling him, you know? I guess I'm looking to hear from you other experienced mamas about how you'd handle and interpret these big emotions he has right now.