My son turned three a month ago. For the last few months at bath time we’ve been having him sit on the potty - he’s peed a few times, and pooped once. We decided to try to get the training going in earnest last weekend and switched to pull-ups. We got him to sit on the potty on a pretty regular basis, although we weren’t as good about it as we should have been - he never peed on the potty. Daycare has taken him regularly all week, and he’s never peed on the potty. This weekend we thought we’d go with underpants so he can see how it feels to be wet, and we’ve been having him sit on the potty every half hour, and he’s peed in his underpants three times and never gone in the potty. The most recent time he’d been on the potty like two minutes earlier.

Is this what it’s like? Am I getting too easily frustrated? He doesn’t seem to know how to go or when he has to go. Do I just need to be more patient? My older son basically just started telling us when he needed to use the potty one day and that was it.