If your LO has special needs or a disability, do you have a quick way of summing it up for people?

I got caught off guard during a work teleconference today, someone asked why I'm only in the office part time, and I said it's because my son has "medical issues." They then asked "so you have 1 child?" and I said "no, I have two, one is regular, one has issues." And that's just a terrible way to put it! If someone had described them that way I would be offended, but that's what came out of my mouth

Any suggestions? Saying I have a "special needs son" seems like that's all he is to me, saying I have a "son with special needs" feels too wordy although I guess it's not different. I try to default to that description in blog posts but I can't really get myself to use it IRL. I also like the nickname "tubie" for kids with feeding tubes, but almost no one knows what that means.

Any suggestions?