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How do/did you refer to your LO during pregnancy?

  1. MsLipGloss

    GOLD / pineapple / 12662 posts

    So far . . . Butterbean, Bean, Dragon Baby, and Doodlebug

  2. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    Bean & Baby...

  3. lomom

    nectarine / 2127 posts

    We have our names picked out so as soon as we find outif we're having a boy or girl, we'll call him/her by name.

  4. Penny Lane

    nectarine / 2163 posts

    Squiggles, Squiggly, or just Squigs

    We joked early on about naming him Sidney Quigley, so his initials would be S. Quigley.... squiggly


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