Kind of a silly question, but I'm just curious as DH and I are on totally opposite sides of the fence when it comes to dryer usage and I'm just wondering what the general consensus is!

I am all for using the dryer for every load of laundry, taking out what can't be dried obviously, but DH is very much of the mindset that the dryer should only be used sparingly, ie in the middle of winter or if it is pouring rain.

It definitely seems to be the norm here, and was in Australia as well, that most people hang their clothes outside to dry, but I find it so time consuming, not to mention challenging whilst taking care of two LOs! I know it's better for the environment, and obviously saves money on energy costs, but ugh, I want to use my dryer!!

Normally it's a nonissue as I save most of the laundry for the weekend when we can do it together, but we've just come back from holiday and our eight loads of laundry definitely need to be done today. I could just use the dryer but DH has rolled his eyes enough at my extravagant waste of energy that I now feel guilty doing so

So, how frequently do you use your dryer?