You guys!!!! That's right.. chick fil a will do your kids birthday party!

How have I never been to one before and how is this not a more popular thing????

All kids love the nuggets and they love the indoor play space!

Well.... we're having my DS 2nd bday party at one and can ya tell I am pretty excited?

No cost to rent it!! They provide table clothes, utensils and you can bring your own decorations, cupcakes, cake etc. They give the birthday kid a shirt and a stuffed cow and you can even request that the dressed cow makes and appearance!!!!

You can buy individual meals or order off the catering menu (platters).

FOR REAL!!! So easy and so fun.....

Have I just been in the dark and left out of the chick fil a parties? have you been to one? would you go??

ETA: hello cute farm themed party!!!!!