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How long did it take for you to conceive your first?

  • poll: How long did it take you to conceive your first child?
    1 month : (51 votes)
    28 %
    <=3 months : (35 votes)
    19 %
    <=6 months : (32 votes)
    18 %
    <=12 months : (28 votes)
    16 %
    > 12 months : (29 votes)
    16 %
    Still TTC : (5 votes)
    3 %
  1. mfa_lady

    pomegranate / 3921 posts

    Technically got pregnant the first month we got anywhere close to good timing (I'd been off the pill for two cycles prior) but lost that baby to a long, drawn-out missed miscarriage. For that reason, it was about 10 months after going off birth control that we conceived DD1.

  2. GoGoSnoGirl

    pear / 1558 posts

    We tried for several months before starting to use opks with charting, then a few cycles later got pg but lost that baby. 3-4 cycles later, I finally conceived my DD. I count this as 10 months to conceive.

  3. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    3rd cycle with LO. First month with the one baking still

  4. AB810

    apricot / 370 posts

    1 cycle for each, but I know a lot of people who took much longer.

  5. travellingbee

    hostess / papaya / 10219 posts

    For my first I got pregnant the first month we tried, the month after our wedding. But with my second it took 5 or 6 months and then I got pregnant and miscarried 2 cycles in a row. Then 3 months after that (medicated cycles with IUI) I got pregnant with my second son. In all it took almost a year. I'm older though.

    Eta: my 2 best friends both took several years to conceive their first.


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @Tionn3: seems like half the women I know had 2 years of trouble and the other half got pregnant the first cycle, and for SURE the latter half is chattier about their process.

    personally I got pregnant the second month of trying, but had a missed miscarriage and D&C, waited a full cycle and got pregnant the next try, had another (this time natural) miscarriage, tried again 3 weeks later and got pregnant a third time, and it finally stuck. Just yesterday talked to a co-worker who took two years of trying every month with zero results, but she finally got pregnant and it's healthy it's such a mixed bag and everyone is different, but you are absolutely not alone.

  7. Trailmix

    nectarine / 2152 posts

    I voted 6 months but it was 9 cycles and with assistance (injections plus IUI). We opted for treatment fairly early on in TTC because it was very obvious something was off on my end!

  8. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    5 months. We had an early loss from our second cycle TTC and then got pregnant with DD 3 cycles later.

  9. MrsADS

    nectarine / 2262 posts

    10 months after IUI and Clomid

  10. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    We've been trying for 37 months and counting.

    We conceived after 6 months of trying, and lost that baby at 6 weeks. We conceived again using Clomid 18 months later (at the two year mark) which we lost at 12 weeks. We're still trying.

  11. stiletto_mom

    persimmon / 1183 posts

    When we had no idea why we weren't concieving, 15 months.

    When I figured out that it was because I was working out, I stopped and got pregnant the next cycle.

  12. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @Tionn3: Wow! A lot of one month votes on here! It took DW and me 2 tries but we were doing IUI so ... odds in our favor.

  13. Mrs. PBJ

    blogger / cherry / 179 posts

    We tried for 8 months before I got pregnant! It was literally the longest 8 months of my life! I was getting so discouraged and frustrated! The cycle we got pregnant on was our first trying the SMEP so I'm not sure if that was the key or not...guess we'll see when it comes time for number 2!

  14. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @wrkbrk: I know I noticed that too, but apparently 30% of couples conceive the first month so the poll is actually pretty representative of what studies say. Kind of interesting. http://www.babycenter.com/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-pregnant

  15. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5509 posts

    I'm currently pregnant with our first and we got lucky and conceived our first month trying. But I had never been on BC and was extremely familiar with my cycle, plus I used OPKs, so I think we were both lucky and got the timing just right.

  16. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    We were ntnp and it took 5 months for our first

  17. cascademom

    coconut / 8861 posts

    4-5 cycles with our first. The month after seeing my OB for my yearly, we conceived. 2 cycles with our second. I confirmed my pregnancy the day we ran into friends who announced theirs.

  18. sapphire

    nectarine / 2173 posts

    9 months for first. Two months in trying for #2 currently...

  19. Winterbee15

    cherry / 167 posts

    3 months of actively TTC; using OPKs and temping.

  20. ms.line

    pear / 1770 posts

    @Tionn3: It took us 6 months, and the cycle we conceived I had finally gotten on thyroid meds and had an HSG, which may have contributed to our success. We also found out about 4 months in that my husband has a low sperm count, so if we TTC #2 we are prepared for it to take a while again. I am usually pretty open with people about it taking longer than "normal" because I do think many women readily share when it happened right away, and not so much when it took longer, and that continues to skew the perspective.

  21. Bibliolove

    kiwi / 526 posts

    Still trying here, been off my IUD since late August. New thyroid med on board, and starting to chart again...eternally hopeful.

  22. MaryM

    pomelo / 5129 posts

    @Tionn3: After a while when people (especially strangers) started giving us advice on why we should have kids, DH started answering with "It's not always that easy"

    Sometimes people got the point...sometimes jerks would keep going.

  23. Anya

    nectarine / 2784 posts

    5 cycles to conceive the first time, but it I lost that pregnancy and conceived again the next cycle. So either 6 or 1 month for my first child, depending on how you look at it. I had been charting for over a year prior to TTC, and every cycle was well timed.

  24. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @MaryM: That is a really good response your husband came up with.

  25. babycanuck

    pomegranate / 3105 posts

    2.5 years (regular cycles every 28 days) until m/c then sticky baby the following cycle.

  26. pachamama

    nectarine / 2427 posts

    @Tionn3: 13 cycles. But I "supposedly" have bad eggs. I was a complete mental case trying to get pregnant.

  27. JennRimbey

    pea / 20 posts

    I got pregnantwith my only the same month I lost my virginity at 18 years old. Now 12 years later ttc #2 for 1 year and 4 months. 4 ealry miscarriages, 3 of them since April 2016. We are taking a break until probably January to work on our health (hopefully he will too).

  28. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4770 posts

    I got pregnant the same month as fertility testing at the RE after a year. 72 hours after the HSG to be exact. I had just turned 27. Been loosely ntnp a few months so far for #2.

  29. milano14

    cherry / 235 posts

    10 months actively trying (tracking and using opks) for #1.
    12 months for #2 (5 cycles, miscarriage, and then 6 cycles)
    Surprise pregnancy last year, but miscarried.

  30. MenagerieMama

    pear / 1547 posts

    2 cycles but then miscarried and then 5-6 cycles after than for LO. Now on cycle 6 for trying for LO2 and starting to get so discouraged. I too have a lot of first cycle pregnant friends! It's hard not to compare.

  31. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @JennRimbey: I'm so sorry for your miscarriages. That must be really hard =[.

  32. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @MenagerieMama: It is so hard not to compare! My SIL got pregnant on accident while on vacation, and my husband keeps trying to convince me they had been living "dangerously" for a while. I just don't believe it, mostly because I had talked to her about it. It is also hard to hear other peoples' pregnancy announcements and not think about how long it actually took them , it is also inappropriate to ask, and so I always just assume it was so easy for them, even if that might not be true. We're on month 4 right now , and in the 2WW, and I just don't see it happening for us.

  33. Umbreon

    clementine / 854 posts

    We are on our 12th month and still no luck. We did have some bad timing a couple months in there though and we skipped trying one month because I had applied for a new job. It's very discouraging and I know how you feel. I have three relatives who are pregnant right now. I have a baby shower next week. It's really really hard.

    I hate answering the "When are you planning to have kids?" I want to answer "We've been trying for months!!!" but I know that will just encourage the follow up questions like "Are you pregnant yet?". So I just brush people off and say maybe soon, we want to travel first.

    We started TTC when we were 26. I seriously thought at this age, it would be easy peasy for us. I keep trying to convince myself that there's a reason it's taking so long. It's just not meant to be yet. I do plan to go see my doctor if it doesn't happen soon.

  34. Tionn3

    kiwi / 680 posts

    @Shizaz: I'm so sorry! I also have a relative that just announced her pregnancy literally right after I got my period last month and she is the same age as me! I felt like I was punched in the stomach.

    I am also 26, and I totally agree with you about thinking it was going to be easy peasy. I've had lots of people tell me I will have no problems getting pregnant, and before we started trying it was cute and encouraging, but now after we have been trying, I just hate hearing it along with, " just relax" as if it is my fault that it is not happening because I'm not relaxing.

    Before my husband and I started ttc we would agonize over if we were ready or not financially or emotionally. When we finally decided to dive in, we laughed about it and said " well maybe it won't even happen right away who knows", now it's not happening, and I'm not laughing anymore =[. Funny how Ironic it is, agonizing over if you will be ready and then when you decide to just do it, it doesn't happen. Sorry for the rant. I don't want to be negative, I just don't have anyone to talk to about it.

  35. Umbreon

    clementine / 854 posts

    @Tionn3: I know the feeling. It's so hard to hear about pregnancy announcements. For me, AF seems to be timed to holidays. I get all excited thinking if it's this cycle I can surprise DH for Halloween, Christmas, anniversary, etc. This month, AF is conveniently due on DH's birthday.

    We were also super careful about when to start TTC, and I wish I could go back in time and start trying sooner. I also wish that I could have been prepared for how hard this could be. There are so many accidental pregnancies that happen, why should it be so hard to purposely get pregnant?

    No worries on the rant, I also have no one to talk to about it.

  36. MrsLonghorn

    clementine / 806 posts

    @Tionn3: I think that @Foodnerd81 is spot on. The only people I know who have ever mentioned how long it took them to conceive are people who got pregnant on the first or second cycle. So I think that it skews people's perceptions because we don't hear about it from anyone else....

    In my case, the couples who brought it up all did it in a really bragging way, which was super uncomfortable and unnecessary. (Also, I totally don't get why it would be something to brag about at ALL...)


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