If you have a mouthy and/or excitable dog, how long did it take them to adjust to a new baby? We have had a 3 year old rescue for about a year. He's a little better than when we first got him, but he's part yellow lab, we think, so he's very jumpy and mouthy. He will nip at anyone, mouth our clothes, etc. He's never being aggressive, it's just how he interacts. We've tried dog training but it's only gotten a little better. Our 6 year old can either push him away, leave, or get our help. But we came home with our newborn this afternoon, and Jack is being crazy. He's trying to jump on her, bit her hat, and tried to nip at her several times. He also got really anxious/ excited when she cried, but that seems normal and tolerable. I don't know what the line should be in terms of how long we wait for him to adjust or what behavior we should tolerate. He's mostly a very sweet good boy, but I can't have him jumping all over us and biting us while I'm nursing and he can't be locked up in the kitchen for forever. Thoughts?