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  1. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    Glad you went in! Hope those babies keep cooking !!

  2. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    @BabyMats: glad things seem to be slowing down! I'll be keeping you and your little ones in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    Glad you went in!

  4. Ree723

    grapefruit / 4819 posts

    Thinking of you and hoping those babies stay put for a while longer!

  5. MrsRcCar

    grapefruit / 4712 posts

    Thinking about you and your LO's!! Bake longer babies.

  6. BabyMats

    nectarine / 2031 posts

    I would read other threads of moms going through early labor or nicu time on here or any problems In general and I immediately pray for those mothers and babies can I just say that all or your thoughts prayers and well wishes really do help and make me feel better. just wanted to say thatnk and thank you all again.
    Just wanted to give another update. So far things are moving in a positive direction of keeping these babies in. Im off magnesium for now and have stabilized contractions for now. I am now on indomecithan an oral drug that completely works on stopping contractions and so far it is def doing a good Job so mini goals. Trying to make it to 8pm tonight to get my 2nd steroid shot. Just waiting on time to pass the time. Will update if I make it to the steroid shot in 8 hours!

  7. youboots

    honeydew / 7622 posts

    @BabyMats: thanks for the update. I've been thinking of you all day. Hugs!!

  8. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @BabyMats: Great news that you're off the magnesium and the oral meds are stopping your contractions. Hoping you get to the second steroid shot! Exactly one year ago I was in the hospital for pre-term labor and between bedrest and meds, my twins stayed put for 6 more weeks. I'm hoping you have a similar outcome!

  9. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    Lots of love and prayers to you and those babies!

  10. Caly

    nectarine / 2765 posts

    You are in my prayers! Keep us updated

  11. pinkb

    pear / 1599 posts

    Sounds like you have made some great steps in the right direction! Keeping you and your little ones in my prayers.

  12. theotherstark

    pomegranate / 3045 posts

    I'm so glad you went in, and that the meds are slowing things down. Thinking about and praying for you and the babes Stay in there cooking, little ones!!

  13. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    So glad you went in and things look positive! Praying for you and your babies and that they stay put for a little while longer!

  14. Anya

    nectarine / 2784 posts

    Great update, best thoughts to you!

  15. dc yoga bee

    grapefruit / 4770 posts

    Glad things are looking positive. Thinking of you and your sweet babies!

  16. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    Thinking of you and so glad that things are sounding better!!! Stay put little ones!!

  17. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    Thinking good thoughts!

  18. littleveesmommy

    persimmon / 1472 posts

    Thinking of you and sending lots of love!

  19. BabyPenguinXO

    kiwi / 549 posts

    thinking of you mama!!

    Will they keep you in the hospital or send you home on bedrest have they said? fingers crossed the babies cook some more!!

  20. Mrs. Taco

    pear / 1639 posts

    Glad you went in! Thoughts and prayers for many more weeks of baking babies.

  21. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    Sending you lots of good thoughts and hoping they can keep growing for a little bit longer !

  22. MrsBrewer

    coconut / 8854 posts

    Thinking of you!!!

  23. BabyBoecksMom

    GOLD / papaya / 10166 posts

    @BabyMats: so glad you went in and they were able to slow things down

  24. MamaBehr

    pomegranate / 3275 posts

    Thinking of you! Hope your sweet babies stay in longer

  25. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    Awesome that the mag worked! I was on it for 14 days straight, no calming down. Will they let you leave after the steroid shot if the oral is working? Or do you need to stay in bed rest since you are 4cm?

  26. fuzzypeaches

    clementine / 950 posts

    Happy to see your updates! Hoping things continue to go well ❤

  27. simplyfelicity

    cantaloupe / 6634 posts

    Praying your babies stay put!

  28. StbHisMrs

    pomegranate / 3329 posts

    @BabyMats: I'm so glad you went in, I'm all for being overly cautious with pregnancy. I like you, went in at 28 weeks, had steroid shots, and magnesium sulfate for 48 hours, dialated to a 4 and all with my 2nd, bedrest until 35 weeks, then I ended being induced a day after my due date. I'll be praying the same thing happens for you.

  29. MrsKoala

    cantaloupe / 6869 posts

    Thinking of you and your babies! So glad you went in!

  30. Bea

    kiwi / 578 posts

    Hope you're doing well! Thinking of you and praying for your sweet babes!

  31. Mrs.KMM

    grapefruit / 4355 posts

    Glad to hear things are looking in a positive direction! Thinking of you and your sweet babies!

  32. BabyMats

    nectarine / 2031 posts

    @twodoghouse: @StbHisMrs: thank you for sharing your experiences with me it is very reassuring and I pray to have same experience where they stay put.

    I made it to my 2nd shot. I dont have any word on whether they keep me here or if they will send me home on rest. The dilation and effacement are a concern for them but still have to wait for tomorrow to know if I get to go home or stay. Again Thank you all so much for thinking of us and all of your prayers and good vibes, well wishes. It truly is a comfort.

  33. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    Thinking of you and praying those babies stay put nice and safe! I know this might not be helpful, but our flower girls (twins) we born at 29 weeks. They are now completely normal, healthy, and tops of their classes (both in grades and in height!) Sending positive thoughts your way!

  34. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    Glad to hear thinks are stable! Stay put babies!

  35. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    bake babies bake!! thoughts your way!

  36. twoofeverything

    kiwi / 643 posts

    @BabyMats: thinking of you! I went into ptl at 28 weeks and managed to get my twins to 36. I know this is a really tough time for you...sending hugs! Try to believe that it's going to be okay!

  37. Eko

    nectarine / 2148 posts

    Thinking about you and the babies!

  38. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    Thinking of you!!!

  39. kiddosc

    grapefruit / 4278 posts

    Thinking of you and your babes... cook babies, cook!

  40. Mrs. Lion

    blogger / grapefruit / 4836 posts

    Praying for the health of your little ones, and peace and sanity for you as you wait Hugs

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