How many cloth diapers do you have (or plan to have) in your stash?
We plan on having two stashes - newborn and one-size diapers. I know you technically can use one-size on newborns, but they usually don't fit very well and are kind of huge on the baby.
Since we plan on having a lot of kids, it seems worthwhile to get both anyway. We're using AIO and pocket diapers.

So the question is, how many do we really need? I do laundry every other day anyway, so I need enough diapers to last two days +.
I was thinking 20 infant diapers (we'll only use those for a couple months until they grow into the one-size) and 35 OS. I figure on more of the OS because they'll be worn longer, and more dipes means less wear.

Is that enough?