Allow me a vent today, ladies. My LO has been sick for about 6 weeks straight with a variety of illnesses. Stomach virus, then some other virus, then a cold, and now a double ear infection (her 4th ear infection since Feb).

She was diagnosed with the ear infection on Sunday. Our office is awesome in that it has weekend hours, but you never get to see your normal doctor. So this guy didn't know G, didn't know anything that wasn't on the chart.

G's had 3 previous infections, and on each one, she had a different medicine. The first two didn't seem to be effective, and the last (zithro-something) gave us two glorious months without an ear infection. However, the Dr argued with me and said it wasn't effective, and that he wanted to put her on this Cefdinir stuff. He was so adamant about it that I caved, and now, I wish I hadn't!

G was sent home today with a 101 fever, and lo and behold, we have to go back to the Dr because 'the antibiotic isn't working.' GAH! Wasted time, wasted money, wasted pain on my daughter, and a day and a half of PTO I'm burning through. I'm pissed.

I wish I had been brave enough to argue, and after this, I think I might be. Have any of y'all had to put your foot down? Or learn to bring out the mama bear?

(And yeah, I know that there might be other factors at play with G's infection, but I wish I had put my foot down anyways.)