Hi everyone,
I have an almost 5-year-old who is a bright kid and has always been in good daycare/preschool/pre-k program(s). I thought she'd be an early reader when she could recognize all her classmates' names by sight before she was 3. However, her reading skills haven't progressed in the trajectory that I would have expected since then. She knows her letters, and is capable of trying to sound out some words to spell with help. But if you ask her to read a word, she's lost unless she happens to recognize it (names or some sight words).

I'm pretty laid back and usually don't do much "active" teaching, outside of the typical playtime activities (singing songs, counting toys, etc), since she's been in great programs and has always been ahead of the curve and I want her to learn in her own way at her own pace. But I'm having trouble figuring out how to approach reading in that way, and not sure if I should just let it go and trust that she will learn it in school, or if I should get more involved.

If the latter, what do people recommend for tactics for getting their kids beyond the hump of seeing words to actually trying to read? If the former, is it pretty common that kids would be recognizing some sight words by 3 and 2 years later not have progressed on to phonics/other reading skills?

I'm definitely not a mom who is obsessed with my kid reading WSJ by the time she's in kindergarten, just not really sure if this is an area where I should continue to be passive, and tactics to try (whether I should be more active or not).

Sorry that was so long, but thanks for any advice!!