My 4.5yo's first reaction to disappointment is loud, dramatic, wailing. He'll start Kindergarten in the fall and mostly seems ready except this behavior seems out of place for his peers.

I don't think I'm judging him harshly for being a boy. And I while I referred to it as 'crybaby' in the title I would never call him one nor have said that word in person. That just seemed like a susinct description.

We name feelings and talk about them. We try to ignore the crying and wait for words. We've commented on how the crying hurts people's ears. We try to point out when he does well.

Common reasons for wailing: I need to run an errand without him, his sister gets to do something he doesn't get to do, TV, I forgot to bring something to school or didn't pack what he wanted for lunch.

Are my expectations out of line for 4.5? What else can I do to encourage less dramatic responses?