I am almost 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I delivered my first via pitocin induction with no epidural. I had bad tearing- termed 4th degree in my medical records although I recall they said I was borderline 3rd/4th degree. 3 and a half years out I have no lingering side effects from the delivery - maybe mild prolapse and I did some pelvic floor PT, but feel pretty good these days.

So, I met with my midwives yesterday who said they offer a c-section to all women who had high degree tears in earlier deliveries. I intend to dig into this more with them but I was kind of surprised and didn't really follow up at the time. It hadn't occurred to me that another vaginal delivery would be dangerous. Now I'm reading somewhat that there are risks that if you did tear as bad again, it could not heal as well, leaving lingering issues (incontinence etc, unpleasant stuff).

Anyone been in this position? I'm inclined to another unmedicated birth, hopefully without pitocin this time, but now I'm second guessing and wondering what would be best.