I'm 3 weeks away from my due date with baby #2 and of course I've thought long and hard about what a huge change this is going to be going from one child to two, but I want to read real stories from parent's who have already experienced this...
What are some hurdles you've had to go through that you didn't expect when you were only a parent of one?

The other day in the Target parking lot, I saw a mom with two children (one was about 5 yrs and the other was a newborn). The mom helped the 5yo get into the car while the infant was in the carrier... in the cart... and the cart was rolling away--I caught the cart (since I was parked next to her) but I was thinking how the mom could have handled that in a smarter way...sometimes as a mom of a new baby, you just space out and I can completely imagine that happening to me. Yikes.

Any advice or tips to help the transition go smoothly would be wonderful