I'm a SAHM and my husband works full-time, so I naturally spend more time with our kids (4 and almost 2). I feel frustrated that my husband doesn't spend more time with our kids than he does. When he comes home from work, he will usually change and then sit in his office/library room reading or doing more work. He comes out for dinner, but he will often go back in there after we eat. Weekends are similar in that he will spend hours a day reading or working without interacting with us. If I do talk him into going somewhere with us, like the park, he will come along but will spend the majority of the time on his phone. If I ask him to help with the kids, he will complete tasks such as changing a diaper, getting a snack, or helping with bath time. But it's literally a task to be completed and he doesn't do anything beyond that. It's very rare to see him sitting on the floor with the kids or playing with them in the backyard. If I ask him to spend time with the kids, he'll say "what do you want me to do?" like he either has no idea how to play with his kids or he has no desire to do so. I think this is mostly due to his personality. He's a very introverted and intellectual person, so his favorite hobbies are reading and learning things. He says when the kids are older, he wants to teach them things related to technology, but he doesn't think their current ages are enjoyable. I feel like I'm the only parent who plays with them or even gives them any attention. Any advice on what to do or anyone out there with a similar spouse?