My husband constantly forgets to sign in/sign out our child for preschool. The school got in trouble last year because of this (hopefully it wasn't just us but...I don't know), so they charge 12$ for every missed signature and you also have to pick up your child if you forget to sign them in.

How do I get him to remember! I've tried texting him so he remembers. I've gotten mad at him, just literally nothing helps. So far he has not been subjected to any of the consequences the schools has implemented, because the school closed for the pandemic in March, and at the school he was in for the summer the staff signed in/out the children themselves for all the parents. I'm seriously pulling my hair out over this, and the only way I can think to fix it is to be in charge of BOTH drop off and pick up which would make me cut my hours because they have reduced hours from the pandemic. I'm also worried they will kick us out of the preschool if this keeps happening (though that has not been a proposed consequence...yet).

If anything I'm just super annoyed, and scared we will lose our child care.