Shortly after we moved in to our new house, our cat started peeing in random places around the house. I took her to the vet and they didn't think it was a UTI, so we added a nightlite in the hallway near her box and just kept taking her down to her litter box and standing there while she used it until eventually (within a week or so) she was using it all the time again.

Within the last week, she's been peeing outside the box again. She's also pooping, which makes me think it's behavioral, not health-related. It's usually in the dining room, occasionally in D's room. I've gone through absurd amounts of Nature's Remedy spray. Last night I laid down plastic shower curtains along the walls of the dining room in hopes that it would deter her. She actually moved the shower curtain and pooped underneath it, and then peed in D's room when I went in there to get him up this morning. This morning, we locked her in our bathroom with her food dish and litter box for the day.

I'm at my wit's end. The house smells like cat pee when you walk in, especially in the dining room. We have guests coming to stay with us for a week in a few weeks and I'm horrified that it smells like this. Not to mention, if I were a guest at someone's house and their cat was peeing all over the place? Ew. My husband is ready to throw her out and make her an outside cat.

I've been cleaning with Nature's Remedy, the formula made for cats. I also got a Feliway diffuser, but the package says it takes up to 4 weeks to change behaviors. Since I plugged it in, she's peed 2x and pooped 1x directly under it, so... I don't know what to do. Any tips?