So last night, DH and I were watching TV on our love seat. Our cat, Zeus, who is pictured in my avatar, was sound asleep on the bigger couch. We were both still, as most TV watchers are, and minding our own business.

Suddenly, Zeus freaked out, jumped up, curled up at us with his fur standing on end, and hissed at us, like a wild, feral cat! He then jumped from the couch, groomed himself, and then walked over and let us pet him as usual. It's like he didn't even know what he just did. It was WEIRD. We weren't even looking at him, let alone bothering him in any way.

My other cat has mewed in her sleep, but I have never seen anything like that in my life! He's such a sweet cat, we're not sure where that was coming from!

Anyone have crazy stories of their pets doing weird things in their sleep?