Bedtime used to be super sweet. At 2.75 yo I am hating it most days. Our routine: finish dinner, go to the bathroom where the twins potty, put on night diapers, pjs, teeth. Then we go to their room, read one story, sing twinkle twinkle and into their cribs - good night, turn on 15 min soft song thst comes from their monitor and walk out. This routine began at 15/16 mo so nothing new.

At some point the logistics changed from reading the story sitting together on the floor and holding the kids on our shoulders while we sang to absolute chaos. Gigglefest full of running around the room, not sitting still, changing the spot the want to sit 8 billion times, refusing to be held and lying on the floor pestering eachother. It is a huge frustration to me and I want to say & follow through with " no more story or twinkle" if you dont sit nicely. I dont do do empty threats so I'm careful with my words.

Anyone been here? Advice on how to get them to calm the eff down? Anyone "take away" the routine for 1 or more says and have kids respond?

Ice tried having a chat before leaving the bathroom about my expectations but that hasn't been terribly successful

Pulling my hair out!