We've been dog sitting my parents' dog for the last month because they've been unable to take care of him. And he's driving me crazy. He poops in our house, he constantly gets on furniture that our dog knows is off limits, he's dumb as a rock, and he's super difficult to walk. Oh and he bit me when I tried to get him out of his crate in the morning a couple weeks ago. So now we need to be much more vigilant about the kids. Meanwhile, my dog offers up her face to get poked and is always mild mannered.

It's possible this will need to be a long term solution and I'm dreading it. DH took both dogs out this morning and he refused to poop. I'm sitting here catching up on HB before I have to leave and he's pooped in the living room and the kitchen. At least the kitchen's easy to clean with a Clorox wipe. But on the carpet? And I have a crawling baby. UGH.

My parents are going to try to take him back later this month. My mom isn't physically capable of waking him and my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. He starts chemo next week and I'm worried that he's going to be over extending himself to take the dog out. He's their baby though and they really want him back.

But with the realities of cancer they might not be able to take care of him long term.

This is mostly just a vent. I feel bad for the dog. Like he's a step child I don't really love. He deserves affection and he's a lap dog, but I don't really want to cuddle with him because he's always on my nerves.