I had my last baby February 2018 and someone got us a dock a tot deluxe that I was never going to use. I returned it to Albee and got store credit, filed it away and totally forgot about it. I just found it when we moved and thankfully, even though it was expired, they extended it till the end of August. The problem is he is now almost 18 months and I literally don’t need anything that I normally would’ve bought from Albee baby. Is there something I’m not thinking of that I’m going to need in the next few years? Any new items you’re lusting over?

All I can think of is a Citymini stroller since I have an uppababy (but I don’t want to keep it) and a Yo-yo. Might be nice to have something in between? Or even just another small travel stroller I can keep in the car at all times for mall runs or unexpected needs (since we’re new to the burbs and using a car every day). Like a MB nano?

Or maybe I can use it on a bunch of toy-type stuff for Christmas?

The problem is I already have a five-year-old boy so I don’t really need anything.

What would you do?