Suggestions please!

We used to make 3 big trips a year before baby (europe, asia...etc) ... Last year we made 3 too but 1 was for business for DH, 1 was to the grannies, and the last one was to Carribbean for a long weekend. So no real vacay at all other than the last one.

We are dying to get out for a trip. LO just turned 1. We are thinking about iceland because there is nothing much to do other than strolling around (no crazy walking/touring the cities, and no tight schedules). Another thing nice about it is it probably doesn't get dark until really late, so we may not even need to adjust LO's clock! However, the draw back is we will be flying from Atlanta, and there is no direct flight to iceland. With a whiny 1.5 year old it is best to stick with trips with 1 leg of flight, if possible.

We are trying to avoid a beach vacation too. Any suggestions on the best vacation destination with a 1.5 year old child? Anywhere that you had good experience with?