Our family of 4 (DS1 is almost 4 and DS2 is 1.5) is planning on traveling from Chicago to Indiana for a short weekend trip to see the Transformers exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum!

While there I was looking for a 2nd activity for the next day. The Indianapolis Zoo is super close by so I want to check it out. [The Zoo in Chicago close to me a bit of a sad place that I no longer want to frequent - except for the farm that is attached and the green house).

It got me to thinking - I do believe in animal rights and the conflict of taking wild animals and putting them in an enclosed space to be watched/gawked at for enjoyment isn't something I want to be a part of. Sounds pretty depressing and not at all something that is to the benefit of the animals.

As a mother, I enjoy showing my children different animals whether it is on TV, in books, and we've made prior trips to the zoo. But as someone who can only assume where these animals come from, I don't know if I can, in good conscience, support these facilities with my dollars.

What is your take on zoos?