Yesterday I woke up feeling like the whole apartment needs to be cleaned...NOW! I'm almost 38 weeks, and this baby is coming, and I don't want her coming home to this mess. (It was an over reaction, but the house DID need some help.)

The problem is that I'm supposed to be resting, cause if I move much, my feet swell up and my blood pressure rises way more than my midwife likes.

So, of course, then I cried at feeling so helpless.

DS came home from school and picked up the entire living room. I helped a bit, cause he's only 5, and not all of it is his stuff, but we got the place tidy in less than 20 minutes. He even used cleaner on all the surfaces and dusted everywhere.

DH got out of work early (a REALLY rare event, cause he's a workaholic, lol) and finished up everything else AND ordered dinner so that I wouldn't have to cook.

Also, my cats have been great at keeping my company while I lie in bed and mope. I call them my nurses, lol.

So, today my bp is still up when I move, but my house is clean! I really CAN relax today.