We've had such a positive experience with our birthing centre birth and post-partum care and thought I would start this thread with my story but maybe others could also share their positive stories.

I was mildly apprehensive about the lack of an epidural option at our local maternity centre but as our only other option was our regional hospital hub (the place where my mother died) I figured I would be more relaxed at the birthing centre.

Being closer to home meant I was able to labour at home for longer, and arrived at hospital at 6cm dilated.
I was able to labour and birth in the tub, and used gas and air as my pain relief.
As well as my personal midwife, they also had one of the community midwives to assist, but other than that it was just me, DH and my aunt in the delivery room.
I only had an admitting pelvic exam; they let me rely on my own need to push and actually got me to check my own descent when pushing as they find it less invasive (I think this is probably a big part of why my pushing phase was so short).
They let me sit in the pool with my vernixy wee lad until the cord had stopped pumping and that is in fact normal practice for them. They would have been happy for me to birth the placenta in there but I needed some gravity assistance.
They were very quick at stitching my minor tears.
There was no rush to get out of the birthing suite to my room, I could take a long hot shower.
I really can't imagine having a better labour experience.

Post-partum has been amazing too. DH told me tonight that he too has been blown away by the midwives who have been supporting us through our son's feeding issues (tongue tie and mild palate issues). I had a Day 3 meltdown today (thanks hormones) and the midwives looked after our son for an hour and told DH to take me into town for a hot chocolate. I am genuinely blown away by how awesome they have been to us as a family. They have definitely made CJ's start to life a happier one.