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I received donor profiles today!

  1. sweetooth

    nectarine / 2705 posts

    So excited for you and your husband! Good luck with your decision

  2. macintosh

    pear / 1750 posts

    Very exciting! I'm glad the process is moving along and you found suitable donors.

  3. Radish

    nectarine / 2079 posts

    So exciting! Good luck with making your decision!

  4. yerpie110

    nectarine / 2771 posts

    So exited for you!!

  5. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    Woohoo!! Hope you can join us in Jan!!

  6. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    So exciting!

  7. Mrs. Train

    blogger / pomegranate / 3300 posts

    I am so excited for you!

  8. Mrs.KMM

    grapefruit / 4355 posts

    How exciting!

  9. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    @Leialou: Woo hoo! I enjoyed your guest posts, I hope they continue! Fingers crossed for smooth sailing with the whole process

  10. MrsMccarthy

    honeydew / 7295 posts

    Eeep! How exciting! I'm sure you will pick a wonderful baby!!!

  11. Mrs.Pinecone316

    persimmon / 1316 posts

    So exciting!!! I can imagine it being such a hard decision! Are you able to find out more info from the couples that isn't on the profiles? Is the pic of them or of their children from that cycle?

    BTW, I just finished reading an article that was on the front page of yahoo about embryo adoption cbs news did and was thinking of you.

  12. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    That's amazing!

    Did you have to put up a profile and they selected you?

  13. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    @Leialou: I am so so excited for you guys!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!


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