I need some ideas! So every 6 years or so, DH gets screwed as his birthday falls on Mother's day and DS2's birthday falls on Father's day. Now normally the answer is that the day doesn't matter and you pick another day to celebrate one of the holidays as DH and I are adults and don't really HAVE to celebrate a birthday/mother's/father's day on that actual day. But I'm struggling this year b/c DS1 has a baseball game at like 6 pm on May 7th so we can't just go out for his birthday the night before. We normally get together with my mom and other family on mother's day. And my niece is having her graduation party on Saturday, 6/18, so I can't adjust Father's day.

Also, I have absolutely no ideas on what sort of gift to get him this year. I've asked him for ideas and he has given me nothing. He needs nothing for the yard or the grill. He doesn't drink. I even suggested that we go away for a weekend, just the two of us and he didn't jump at the idea. He's been sort of a homebody so maybe that is the answer I have to force him to have fun.

So otherwise I'm stumped. Anyone more clever than I?