We’ve been thinking we’ll induce on my due date if i don’t go early. Just found out though that she’s on vacation that whole week (due date is a Friday ... she’s on call Wed and Fri so we had two reasonable options).

I’m hoping I’ll just go into labor which did happen the first two times but no guarantee. We had talked about a low intervention induction and I know she would be very reasonable about discussing options with me (my first two were med-free deliveries so no experience with this).

The practice has about 10 OBs and I don’t really know any of the others ... no idea how supportive they would be, though I plan to ask my ob next week. I didn’t care who delivered my other two because my body was doing all the work on its own but seems different when you’re making decisions about pitocin and breaking water and such. But if I really want her I’d have to induce at 39w.

Guess I’m just looking for any other experiences that might be helpful! Thanks!