Another thread got me thinking about this.

Graham (2 1/2 yrs) has a major mommy preference and always has, but it has gotten better. He loves DH and occasionally requests him or wants both of us or will only fuss for a minute about not being with me and then will happily settle in with DH to read, play, etc.

I'm due in 2 months with our last baby. The twins definitely went through an adjustment period after G was born, so I know to expect a little behavior, insecurity, etc., but they didn't really have a parental preference. I'm wondering what I might expect with G having to suddenly adjust to mama being much less available.

The situation makes me a little extra nervous because I've heard my dad talk about when his little sister was born. They're only 2 years apart, and he was never very close to his mom after his sister was born. He said that everyone said when the baby was born, he just stopped wanting anything to do with her and became a super daddy's boy. His mom was such a good, kind woman & he obviously loved her very much as an adult, but he's told me that he thinks in his mind as a little guy he felt like she betrayed him somehow by having a baby, even though that's not rational in the adult mind, and so he just decided he didn't need her anymore and could do life without her (which is actually very much in line with his personality and somewhat in line with my little dude's personality--very, very stubborn & independent).

Thoughts on how to ease the transition for a little guy with a super mama-preference? Experiences to share?