If your lo's "lovey" is you, what do you do?

LO has always loved playing with my hair, but it's getting a little out of control. I'm realizing that she's not really attached to any of her loveys or stuffed animals (though she does cuddle them sometimes) in any way comparable to her attachment to my hair. Maybe it's because we just weaned last week? Or because she's starting to have some "terrible two-"ness (she's 23 months)? But she constantly asks to hold my hair or just straight up grabs it, and I can't always be carrying her or in a position that allows her to reach me (ie, when she's eating, in the stroller, etc). I've tried substituting other toys, or my hands, etc, but she just wants me/my hair.

I'd love to hear any tips/success stories/commiseration!