when did it finally happen consistently?

DS has always been a crap sleeper (see prior posts). When he was 9 months he finally started only getting up 1-2 times a night and that was glorious.... At that time. Now, 2 months later and almost to the ONE year mark I am just drained. When will he STTN???

A few tidbits of info: he is small percentile wise, he has a VSD (hole in his heart), he drains a 6 oz bottle during his wake up's so I do believe he is hungry, he is not a great eater during the day

My thought* is that he is just not getting enough food during the day and he is hungry. We do puree's and table food but he just doesn't eat much. We do 3- 4 oz bottles during the day too and it's a pain to get him to drink them.. he is too busy..... but he'll drain the 6 oz bottle at bedtime and during the night when he wakes up