Did they feel the same?

Just a little background: I was induced and the contractions felt like I was being ripped apart at the hips (it was the worst pain I have ever experienced...for 32 hours...) By the end, my pitocin was level 18 and, even though I had an epidural, it was horrifically painful. I honestly get a smidge jealous when I hear of people whose epidurals worked well and they were able to relax. I feel like the epidural mostly made my legs numb. My contractions didn't have a peak or a break in between just hard and intense the whole time. I remember them telling me to relax in between contractions and screaming, "HOW?!?!?!" I don't consider myself to have a low pain tolerance.

Anyway, I am *hoping* that next time (whenever that is) that it won't be as painful if I don't need pitocin.

So, if you've experienced both, were they different or the same?