I should be really grateful that my in-laws watched the baby for 3h so Sweetie and I could go see Star Wars.

But...now I'm dreading being up all night because they didn't feed him at all until we called to say we would be home in 15-20 minutes. We left (written!) instructions to give him the 4oz bottle I'd thawed 1-to-1.5 hours after we left.

Because he'd been hungry for at least an hour before they fed him, he gobbled it in a matter of moments and fell asleep more than an hour earlier than usual. There's a small chance that he'll just treat it as an early bedtime, but more likely it is a nap and then he'll be up for another 4 hours before being willing to go to bed for the night. The silver lining to that is that they put him to bed in a regular daytime insert cloth diaper that he'd already been in for almost 2hours.

The topping on the $h1t cake is that my MIL defrosted another TWELVE OUNCES of milk. I'm home with the baby all day tomorrow. So, now I have to decide if I'm going to give him bottles while I pump or just throw it out.