For some reason, in my social circles and at work, the men tend to group up in conversation, and the women tend to group up.

I can't lie. The women at work typically talk about: house stuff, upcoming plans, weekend stuff, house projects, kids.

The last time I overheard a conversation in the men's group, they were talking about their favorite brand/make of guitar.

Made me a little jealous, but I felt a little awkward walking away from the women's circle and into the men's circle.

I sort of think this type of behavior is self-perpetuating, as people tend to talk about things that they believe others want to talk about. For some reason, all the women in my circles seem to glom onto these issues, and I swear it is just habit, because I don't think that's all we truly "want" to talk about. Could be that the women are just looking for things to talk about that we all have in common. Still, the men seem to find it easier to talk about things other than home/work related obligations and their attendant stresses.