This feels like a weird question to ask but as I read things about helicoptering and snowplowing and all the other overinvolvement sins, I’m wondering how to foster independence in a kid who doesn’t seem to want any. My 6 year old refuses to learn how to shower, for example. She doesn’t care to pick out her own clothes or get dressed herself (and when we force her she drags it out). We have tried chores and responsibilities and she has zero interest nor is motivated by rewards, allowance, etc. We’ve tried making it fun, appealing to her big girl side and nothing. I don’t want to get punitive so I’m wondering if others found things that work to encourage more independence? She’s an only kid so that probably doesn’t help much either because she doesn’t have to share our attention though as two full time working parents and awful commutes, I really would love to have her more involved in our day to day.