DS is 5. Recently I started showing him how to wash his own hair, body, and rinse it off with the hand-held shower head in his bathroom. He was doing semi-independent showers with my help for quite a couple of days.

We are having contractors coming in to do some work (replacing flooring the past few days as well as painting the walls this coming week), so life at home has been chaotic. We have moved DS's bed into our room, and he has also been using our bathroom because his is blocked off/unavailable. He has been showering in our shower all by himself since (I have to be right outside being ready to help him, and provide continuous "commentation" of what he needs to do/wash next)! I know some of you probably have your LOs bathe themselves in an even earlier age, but I am so proud of DS and I feel like it is something I can celebrate! He also starts enjoying his shower too and he started singing in the shower. DH was commenting how DS is like an old man singing in the shower, haha. He is so cute I almost want to take a picture for keepsake!

Let's share:
- How old is your LO?
- What are the (new) things that he/she is doing all by him/herself now that you are proud of?

For us, lately he likes to wash the strawberries (+ take the top green leaves off) and get it ready for the whole family to eat, all by himself! We put a few cups in a low drawer just a few months ago so he can get a glass of water for himself. He also folds his laundry, but I will have to do it together with him.