Looking for some help here. No judgement regardless of how you respond, but would you take your kids to an indoor play center during the pandemic? If so, what parameters would you like to see in place.

I am asking because I am on the board of a small, non-profit indoor play center that is open from Labor Day - Memorial Day. We have a meeting next week to discuss whether or now we'll be reopening, so I wanted to get some perspective from other moms. I am sure if we open we'll have parameters in place, such as making sure only a certain number of people are there, mask wearing above age 2, sanitizer, etc. But a lot of things about a play center are challenging during these times. It's meant for kids to play together, not apart, there's a lot of sharing of toys, etc. Also, we cater to the under 5 crowd, so a lot of kids wouldn't be wearing masks.

I am so torn about this. As a board member I want to say I will try to take my kids. But I don't know. I do know that I will be so sad if we fold because of this. Our business model is to offer very low cost play so ALL families and caregivers have a space to bring their children in the winter, regardless of income. We're run out of the basement of a church (but are not a part of the church) that doesn't ask us to pay rent but we do have to pay the utilities. We have a small amount of money in savings but not a lot and we were not granted a PPP loan.

Anyway, everyone here is always so thoughtful so I wanted to check with the hive and see what you're thoughts were on something like this.